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Choosing a sarong for your body type

There is a way to avoid feeling uncomfortable, be confident, and look pretty… wear a sarong. Why choose a sarong over cover up options? It looks like a natural extension to your swimsuit camouflaging the areas you want while giving a “peek” of your best assets. Covering it all up head to toe actually draws attention because it looks out of place. Let’s go through the body types and how to choose a sarong that will look great on you.

Straight – If you have a straight body type your bust and hips are very close in size. You’ll want to create a more defined waist by choosing a sarong that will wrap and tie at your waist. This will add curves and volume to your bottom half. Both a long or short sarong will work for you depending on your comfort level with showing your calves and lower leg. Pear – Pear body types have a defined waist and a smaller bust than hip. Creating volume on the top portion of your body will create a more balance visually. Choosing a large rectangular sarong that can be worn as a dress is a great option to draw the eye up toward your face demphasizing your bottom half. Sarongs that are tied at the waist are also a good option if you pay attention to color and print. Darker colors like black, brown, navy, and smaller prints will flatter the lower portion of your body.

Hourglass – Hourglass body shapes are equal in size at the bust and hip with a well-defined waist. Unless there is a specific area about your body you are trying to minimize almost any sarong will work for you. Wear your sarong tied at waist or as a dress, both will look great.

Oval – With an oval body shape the waist is larger or very close in size to the bust and hip. Wearing a sarong that creates a waist will flatter this body type the best. Choose a sarong that draws the eye visually downward, longer styles will be best suited for the job unless you are very petite, then opt for the shorter version. Wearing the sarong as a dress is also a good choice as it elongates the body and hides the midsection.

Triangle (Inverted) – If you have a larger bust than hip and your waist is not well defined then you have an inverted triangular body shape. The best sarong choice will be one that creates a waist and the illusion of curves to your hip and bottom. Choose a long or short sarong tied at the waist in a solid color or print. This will create a balance between you lower and upper body.

As described, a sarong will look great on any body shape and its versatility allows you play with your style to achieve your best look. Feel comfortable and look great, buy a sarong today.