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How to tie a sarong -


The tie front is the simplest way to wear a sarong. To tie the sarong, hold it behind you with the top of the material centered at the small of your back. Grab the ends of the sarong, wrapping the fabric around your waist until your hands meet just below your navel. The tie the two pieces of material into a double knot. The knot can be rotated to either side, leaving it rest on your hip. Adjusting the length is as simple as folding the sarong to the desired length, then tie. Sarongs can be folded as a triangle and tied in the same manner for a different look. For more coverage, a sarong can be worn as a dress. To tie the dress, hold the sarong behind you with the top of the material just below your shoulder. Grab the ends of the sarong, wrap the fabric under your arms, and lay the material over your breasts. Secure the dress with a high double knot on your left side.

We don't sell sarong clips on this website because our sarongs are not bulky and thick. If you tie our sarongs in a double knot, it should stay put. We're not a fan of clips, it makes tying a sarong seem cumbersome. If that still seems like too much work we carry sarongs that have a built in ties; just wrap, tie it, and go. Check out our "Sarongs with Ties" page.

Sarongs with built in tie   Example of a sarong with the built in tie.